How do you stop having oily skin?

Even though there is no one-size-fits-all cure for oily skin, there are many daily habits and preventive steps you can take to make your skin less oily, regardless of how stressed you are or how many hormones you have. Here are some ways to stop having oily skin.

  • Keep hydrated
    When skin is dehydrated, it generates more sebum than necessary to maintain its moisture levels, which can lead to an increase in acne.
  • Keep your skin clean
    Many dermatologists recommend using a mild cleanser twice a day to eliminate debris and impurities from the skin and decrease sebum accumulation. Washing more than twice a day or with very hot water is not recommended. Doing either can lead your skin to become overly dry, causing your body to overcompensate by increasing oil production in try to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Use an astringent
    One of the many oily skin cures is a light astringent toner. Use once a day to eliminate excess oil and maintain oily skin. As with cleansers, over use of astringent toners may cause skin to produce more oil as a result.
  • Use a lotion that won’t cause pimples
    Applying a non-comedogenic product like Vaseline┬« Jelly after cleaning and toning can help keep skin from drying out and causing a reaction called “overcompensation.”
  • Avoid chemicals that clog pores
    When put on oily skin, some of the ingredients in everyday makeup can cause acne. When you buy makeup, always check the label to see what it contains.
  • Always remove your makeup before bed
    Taking off makeup before going to bed is one of the simplest strategies to avoid an acne breakout. Those with oily but not acne-prone skin can use Vaseline® Jelly to easily remove makeup, including waterproof mascara, before night.
    Oily skin might be aggravating at times, but sebum is necessary for healthy skin. Sebum maintains your skin moist, supple, and malleable, slowing the aging process and preventing wrinkles. It also helps to protect the skin’s barrier.