How to lift Sagging Jowls

If you have just lost a significant amount of weight or are becoming older, you may see drooping skin around your jawline. This extra skin is frequently known as jowls. Jowls are not harmful and are a fully natural byproduct of aging; yet, many people dislike having jowls. Fortunately, you can try a variety of treatments to get rid of your jowls, ranging from non-invasive facial exercises to a surgical operation.

Using Facial Exercises

1. Make a fake smile

The goal of this exercise is to practice making a false smile and bringing the center of your lips together by pushing your jaw forward. To bring your jaw forward, you should consciously engage the muscles located at the back of your jaw. Keep your lip contact limited to the middle. Complete the exercise as you near the end of your set, and then hold the pose for 20 seconds before releasing.

  • To get the most out of these jowl-reduction exercises, concentrate on strengthening the muscles that surround your jaw and mouth.
  • To better target your jaw muscles, try placing your index fingers on either side of your mouth.

2. Create a squished smile

Making a close-lipped smile and then pushing the jaw forward to contract the muscles behind the lips and along the jaw line is another approach to work on the muscles surrounding the jaw line.

  • Place 2 or 3 fingers from each hand on either side of your mouth, slightly beneath and to the sides of your lips, to ensure you’re doing it correctly.
  • It’s a good idea to complete this exercise while looking in the mirror. This is because you want to maintain the rest of your facial muscles as relaxed as possible while performing the exercise.
  • As with the first exercise, when you reach the last repeat, hold the exercise for 20 seconds.

3. Switch up the  Exercises

When you first start out, you can focus on one activity for two or three weeks before switching to another. This can help you target the muscles in a different way to help you get rid of your jowls.

  • You can begin by doing 15 repetitions of each exercise once per day and gradually increase the number of repetitions as you feel yourself progressing.

4. Look for no scientific proof that facial exercises are beneficial

There are currently few to no scientific research assessing the effectiveness of facial exercise in decreasing sagging skin. However, just because these studies do not exist does not preclude them from being valuable to you.

  • It might work, but it will most certainly need time and commitment to practice the exercises consistently. This procedure will not provide an instant fix.