How to Get a No-Makeup Look

Do you want to know how to achieve the no-makeup look? We’ve made things simpler than ever before. Discover how to achieve an effortlessly flawless makeup look (without any actual work) by following these simple steps.

Hybrid Skincare Primers

Skincare that works and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day… win-win! These primers do it all, whether you want to boost hydration, minimize hyperpigmentation, prevent breakouts, or protect against pollution. Multitasking has never looked Better.

Skin that glows from within

Tinted moisturizers and foundations are great for special occasions, but for everyday use, nothing beats the sheer coverage and natural effect of a skin tint. BB creams, tinted moisturizers, and light-coverage foundations are all examples. We won’t need to use a makeup sponge because the skin tones we’re using give us such a natural look as is. Instead, use your hands or a foundation brush to apply the product in thin layers for maximum coverage with minimal waste. Apply a tiny dab of concealer with your finger or a concealer brush to any spots that refuse to go away. Use a setting spray that contains hydration if your skin is dry. Use a translucent setting powder to keep your skin looking radiant rather than oily if you tend to be oily.

Sun-Kissed Bronzer

A natural-looking bronzed glow may be achieved quickly and easily with any skin tone using a cream bronzer. The best placement will be determined by your individual face type. You can achieve a more contoured look by blending bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks, or you can achieve a more lifted look by applying it higher on your cheekbones. You can choose the perfect cream bronzer to complement your unique post-trip glow from our assortment of matte, satin, and dewy finishes.

Pinched Cheeks

Blush gives your skin a healthy splash of color. Don’t forget that a little goes a long way, so working in thin layers is especially important. Some of us had to learn this the hard way: it’s much easier to make something stronger than to make it weaker. With a light touch and a blush brush, smile and apply either a cream blush (best for dry skin) or a powder blush (best for oily skin) on top of the apples of your cheeks and slightly blend backwards.

Highlighter Sticks

The simplest technique to apply highlighter. Just swipe, blend, and go! Stick formulations are convenient for travel, come in all of your favorite finishes, and don’t require the use of an additional beauty tool to apply. Consider products containing skincare elements such as hyaluronic acid or maracuja oil for further hydration and plumping. We recommend applying a highlighter with a dewy finish to enhance the fresh, glassy effect.

Be gentle with your eyes

For eyes that look like they have no makeup on them, you should keep them simple and almost bare. Use pink or cream makeup on your eyelids and blend it out with your fingers. Next, use a brown eyeliner on your lines to define your eyes without making them look too much. Coat your eyelashes with a mascara that curls them to make them look fuller without making them look like false ones. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows and make them look bigger. This is the last step in your eye makeup.

Blush Lips

Give lifeless lips a boost that will endure from beverages through dessert. For a kiss-proof flush of color, lightly dab your preferred lip stain from the middle of your lips outward. Choose a red that seems like it was just bit off, or even a “your lips, but better” shade!